Atlanta Fulton Public Library System Recognizes Friends of the Alpharetta Library (FOTAL)

Members of The Friends of the Alpharetta Library (FOTAL) received top honors at the recent Volunteer Recognition Program sponsored by the Office of Volunteer Services for the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System. FOTAL is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting literacy not only within the Alpharetta community and the overall Atlanta area but also world wide. They are involved in many areas of reaching out to individuals not only through their monthly book sales at the Alpharetta Library but also through such projects as the Books for Soldiers program where they routinely mail packages to the armed force individuals all over the world.

At the April recognition program, Ben Statham, President of FOTAL, was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Award for the ninth straight year. He donated over 2,000 hours in 2008. Kathleen Smith and Linda Statham each contributed over 1,000 hours and each was honored with an Outstanding Volunteer Award as well. Gerrie Fornek donated 200+ hours and Jane Harp donated 300+ hours for 2008.

Other FOTAL volunteers were recognized for their service. Jo Davisson has donated a career total of 1000 hours. Barbara Mitchell, Jane Harp, Katie Johnson, the late Ralph Johnson, Iain Caird and Pamela Caird are 10+ year volunteers who have donated 200 hours or more in the past ten or more years. Barbara Selwyn has a cumulative total of 100+ hours in her past five years of service. For 2008, a total of 6,608 volunteer hours were donated by FOTAL volunteers.