To build a partnership between the library and the community to advocate for quality library service for patrons of the Alpharetta Branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Library System and to enhance literary needs for all citizens.

Friends of the Alpharetta Library Accomplishments for 2017

Volunteer Efforts and Charitable Donations by FOTAL

Book Donations

  • At Alpharetta Library
    • Librarians' requests for Children, Teen and Adult books donated by Patrons to backfill popular, worn and/or often requested books.
  • Books for Soldiers
    • Requests from soldiers through BooksforSolders.com, books, audiobooks, DVDs, games, snacks to service men and women. Cards and notes from children at monthly book sales put into each box. On-going 8 year commitment to the program
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Senior Center, City Hall, local Stores, Federal District Court
    • Northwest hospital, Grady hospital, AIDS clinic, waiting area at District Court
  • Schools
    • Gwinnett Tech: dictionaries, Thesaurus, instructional writing, classic literature for students in the GED program
    • Alpharetta Elementary: supplement school library and teacher classrooms


  • Paid for 32 Children, Teen, and Adult programs for 2017 for a total of $6198.
  • $5554 was given to the library for books, office supplies, book carts, shelving, and other items requested by library staff.
  • Donated $4590 to Alpharetta Elementary School to support their literary needs.
  • Presented staff appreciation gifts to our excellent library staff to show our appreciation.
  • Mailed books and care packages through the National Book for Soldiers program.
  • Atlanta Fulton Library System Foundation yearly donation
  • Scholarships in the amount of $500 awarded to students graduating from high schools within the city limits. Student must have been accepted at a college and written an essay on: 'the importance of a free, public library system in today's society.'
  • Administered the Ralph and Katie Johnson Scholarship ($500) to GED students upon graduation.  Approximately 20 students awarded in last year.

Fund Raising

  • Book Sales are held on the veranda at the Alpharetta Library on the first Saturday of each month (except January and July) from 10AM to 4PM.  Monthly sales have been held for approximately 25 years.
  • Donated book are sold online through Amazon raising more funds for our projects.
  • Membership in Friends of the Library organization bring in additional money for projects.
  • Each year the City of Alpharetta gives FOTAL a generous donation to help us fund our mission.


  • From 2012 thru 2017 FOTAL was one of the highest number of volunteer hours of all Fulton County Libraries.
  • 34 FOTAL volunteers donated 5489 hours.
  • FOTAL is recognized yearly for their outstanding number of hours dedicated to the Alpharetta Library.

Library Value Calculator

You already know and appreciate that the Alpharetta library provides cultural and educational services to the community. But perhaps you are curious about the monetary value. Use the below calculator to estimate what would be the cost of these free services if you were required to pay for classes, programs, computer time and various materials the Alpharetta library makes available for the public.


Value Calculator
My Yearly Benefit:
  • Libraries provide a valuable community resource.

    To find out how much value you receive from your library, complete the following survey... you may be surprised!

  • How often do you visit the library?

    • weekly
    • bi-weekly
    • monthly
  • How many of each item/service do you typically use?

Hardcover Books $24.95 $0
Softcover Books $12.95 $0
Videos $3.95 $0
Music CD $13.95 $0
Audiobook $29.95 $0
E-book Downloads $12.95 $0
Audiobook Downloads $14.95 $0
Computer Use (hours) $2.95 $0
Programs/Classes $19.95 $0
Event Pass $31.85 $0
Newspaper/Magazine $4.95 $0

The values in the calculator were determined by the estimated cost of obtaining each of the items without the use of the library.

Hardcover Books
Purchase cost of a new hardcover book
Softcover Books
Purchase cost of a new softcover book
Rental cost of a DVD
Music CD
Purchase cost of a music CD
Purchase cost of an CD audiobook
Ebook Download
Purchase cost of an ebook
Audiobook Download
Purchase cost of an audiobook
Computer Use
Cost of hourly computer usage at a business center
Cost of outside classes
Event Pass
Cost of two adult ($11.95) and one child ($7.95) admission tickets to a museum
Purchase cost of a magazine or 1 week of a newspaper subscription

The Library Value Calculator was developed by Luke T. Charde for the Troy Public Library site, then distributed under the Creative Commons License for use by others. Read more about it here.